ECS Seminar 6 Yelp Review

My Yelp Review is going to be on I would give it five stars. It is a very nice website. It is fun and it teaches you how to do javascript.
You get a hero to play with, and you get help for what to do. You choose what code you want your hero to do and it does it. They give you examples such as:
But the thing I don't really like is that they don't teach you how to make your hero move. They just give you the code. I can be wrong, we will probably learn that later on in the website. But in general I would give this yelp review 5 stars. It teaches you how to do Javascript, and you're playing a game. Here's how it looks.
It moves for you and you need to figure out how to move without getting caught, and how to attack them without getting caught. It's basically a adventure game, you get weapons, you look around, you go on a adventure, you attack, you basically do what an adventure game would do. But you're controlling it with codes. So I would give this 5 stars.