0:00 Yes yes yes we've all seen this movie and we all know how it ends but instead
0:05 of the usual song and dance
0:07 why don't we all put down our glorious broadsword then hasn't hit points for
0:12 one second
0:13 stop acting like the poop we're slinging doesn't think as much as the other guys
0:18 objectively speaking what is best a PC or console
0:23 let's log our way through the traditional arguments shall we
0:27 first up is exclusives wether there in 10 god of war final fantasy
0:32 starcraft gears of war halo or super smash brothers fans will argue all day
0:38 that the exclusives make a given platform best
0:41 hm there is no such thing as a best exclusive and every platform house
0:49 exclusives
0:50 ironically given how often consoles on spring this . up the windows PC platform
0:55 actually has more exclusive than every other console ever combined along with
0:59 stellar backwards compatibility thanks to directx but and here's a bombshell
1:03 for the PC zealots that doesn't make it best time there
1:07 a fat lot of good redneck rampage is going to do for someone who only really
1:11 wants to play pokemon next is the living room experience consoles are optimized
1:17 for the couch
1:17 the interface is easy to read the controllers are wireless and this might
1:21 seem like a small detail but they can be turned on with the controller arguably
1:25 steam big picture improves game navigation on the PC and yes you can buy
1:29 little dongles to run the same controllers wirelessly even but no one
1:33 actually does that one
1:35 infinitesimally small number of you actually have a separate PC on your TV
1:40 for local gaming or game streaming that it
1:42 yes yes I know a handful of you do but most people who invest in two separate
1:50 gaming boxes will at least consider buying two different kinds of console
1:55 for the TV and a PC for the desk horses for courses my friends but the PC is the
2:01 horse for any course isn't it Linus you can buy a cheap Odell slammer
2:06 video card in it and start playing great free games like League of Legends and
2:09 team fortress 2 just like that or you can go balls to the wall and deck your
2:14 shop out with cool peripherals like the oculus rift 4k monitors and even
2:18 elaborate multi-screen configurations
2:21 yes the value and flexibility argument is a strong one for the PC but one
2:27 counter is the simplicity argument
2:30 yes internet connections have made console game releases more PC like than
2:34 ever and not in a good way but at least the game works as well as it can
2:40 across the board because let's face it not everyone wants to care about what
2:44 brand motor oil is in their car
2:46 what heating element is in their dishwasher or yeah it's true
2:50 what leaked video card is in there gaming system which leads us to
2:54 performance
2:55 I'm legit tired of hearing about how PCs are faster I really am
2:59 they are and their core functionality is much deeper than what a console can be
3:03 but to be a whole lot faster
3:07 they're also more expensive at a similar price a PC really isn't that much better
3:12 than a playstation 4
3:13 with that said I'm even more tired of hearing about how consoles are faster
3:18 they're not if you think they are
3:20 you're wrong there was a time when you could argue that but these days
3:24 you're just wrong sorry brah then there's the closely related value
3:29 argument both sides can lay claim to massive catalogs of cheap games that
3:34 were released last year but two seemingly devastating blows to the
3:38 console argument are the backwards compatibility of the PC courtesy of
3:42 directx and the lack of a system-wide paid subscription for multiplayer
3:47 unless of course you don't appreciate the rampant cheating in many PC games
3:51 even at the highest competitive level sometimes something that console gamers
3:56 don't suffer from to the same degree and then of course there's the hardware too
4:00 you know this is where it kind of degrades most of the time consoles are
4:04 cheaper last a long time
4:06 yeah but PC gamers could keep their computers for seven years if they want a
4:09 potato great graphics to your
4:11 games are locked in 30 FPS 792p
4:15 oh yeah well all your Tripoli games or crud ports of the games that run better
4:19 on our supposedly inferior hardware
4:21 maybe if your hardware and suck so bad the whole industry could be able to move
4:25 forward at a faster pace and yeah we all knew this was heading there as soon as
4:29 the potatoes got brought up so let's reset again the problem and I'd actually
4:34 like to address my fellow PC master race members for a moment here is that at the
4:39 end of the day life is not a spreadsheet and the way that we approach this video
4:45 in the first place is actually sort of wrong if we tackle this purely
4:50 objectively the PC is superior
4:53 it can achieve more check marks and fewer exes at a lower price or a vast
4:58 number more check marks at a greater price
5:01 yeah I know but guys it's not about dispassionately comparing stats to crown
5:07 a winner
5:08 it's about the games and the experience that you as an individual or after if
5:13 you want a super deep experience and eve online makes you happy then bill right
5:18 but if someone else wants to play singing dancing games with their friends
5:22 do you really expect them to crowd around a PC to do it no of course not
5:28 is one of those scenarios more hardcore
5:31 oh I don't know probably but who cares
5:34 it's entertainment and the TLDR here is everyone needs to just calm the heck
5:39 down
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