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Sandy is a squirrel, she likes eating pinecones, nuts, and just a bunch of stuff that fall off trees. She wears that suit to breath because she can't breath under water.. yet we wonder how she got down here..


Squidward likes to listen to music and he plays the clarinet, horribly. He plays so bad, Everyone's ears started to bleed. He hates Patrick and Spongebob, he thinks they are annoying.


Mr.Krabs is a cheap guy who doesn't work that much but loves money. He is nice and greedy.


Patrick is a soft Sea Star who gets mad for stupid reasons. Well, he is stupid.

Last But Not Least..


Spongebob is a very important member of this team. He is the most attractive and the hardest working. Instead of paying him, we make him pay us, and he loves his job.